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Published by The Eleutheran newspaper, ELEUTHERA, BAHAMAS --
Christopher Cirillo, the author of the book Spanish Wells Bahamas | The Island, The People, The Allure, was on hand at Spanish Wells Food Fair Saturday, December 18, signing copies of his new book and meeting island and area residents ...

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A curious barracuda as seen swimming in the Spanish Wells harbor. Barracuda are common to the waters of the Bahamas and despite their intimidating appearance are seldom a threat to humans. Photo by Christopher Cirillo
Rita, one of two resident manatees of Spanish Wells Bahamas. Rita gave birth to a calf known to locals as Georgie. Photo by Christopher Cirillo.
Spanish Wells All Age School. Photo by Christopher Cirillo.
A black and white spiral seashell common to the shallow, clear waters of the Bahamas. This shell is used to make a local chowder, as well as souvenirs and jewelry. Photo by Christopher Cirillo.
The Ponderosa Shell Shop, a garage-based business, owned by the Roberts family on the island Spanish Wells in the Bahamas. Photo by Christopher Cirillo.
A collection of seashells found by Author Christopher Cirillo on Florida's Emerald Coast.
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Book Author Christopher Wells Greets Spanish Wells Residents at Local Book Signing
Spanish Wells Bahamas

The Island, The People, The Allure
The Amazon No. 1 Bestselling Bahamas Travel Book
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